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The only prefabricated brace that offers up to 100% offloading of the foot and ankle

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Zero G AFO Info for Medical Professionals

The Zero G ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is a prefabricated, offloading brace that relieves plantar surface pressure from the foot. The Zero G AFO incorporates a supple, but strong, adjustable, calf corset with leather lacers and Velcro closures. This design provides a total-contact, hydrostatic lift of the inverted cone shape of the calf, providing up to 100 percent offloading of the foot. The Zero G brace’s patented design, with malleable metal uprights, provides a sturdy, stable substructure that transfers weight from the ground to the calf and not the foot and ankle, providing up to 100 percent non-weight bearing.
  • Indications
    The Zero G AFO indicated for the following conditions:
  • Charcot foot (neuropathic joint disease)
  • Arthritis, including Gout / Gouty arthritis
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Spina Bifida
  • Foot drop and / or ankle instability
  • Heel and / or metatarsal ulceration
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Fractures of the distal tibia, talus, or calcaneous
  • Pre or post surgical intervention of the mid and hind foot
  • Crushing injuries of the mid and hind foot
  • Any condition in which unweighting of the foot or ankle is needed
  • Technical Details

    The Zero G AFO comes in two components, the calf lacer and the AFO base.
  • Strap with easily adjustable Velcro closure system for ease of donning / doffing the brace.
  • Anterior tongue protection to complete the 360-degree lacer.
  • One SmartKnit® seam-free sock for soft interface.
  • Infinitely adjustable leather lacer corset on the brace structure with Velcro fasteners.
  • Half inch (½") donning pad to ensure a repeatable offloading process.
  • Double-action ankle joints for assist / resist adjustment.
  • One inch (1") memory foam foot pad to cushion any pressure applied to plantar surface of the foot.
  • Footplate pad made from ¼" Plastazote.
  • Adjustable, padded foot cover encases and protects the foot.
  • Universal for left or right fitting.


Measurements of the calf circumference and the foot length are taken to determine proper sizing. The Lacer and AFO Base sizes of the Zero G AFO can be interchanged for proper fit.
Calf Lacer
Product # Size Calf Circumference
ZGAL-100S Small 9.5-12.5"
ZGAL-100M Medium 13-15.5"
ZGAL-100L Large 16-19"
ZGAL-100XL X-Large 19-22.5"
AFO Base
Product # Size Foot Length
ZGA-100S Small 8.19-9.02"
ZGA-100M Medium 9.17-9.84"
ZGA-100L Large 10.04-10.75"
ZGA-100XL X-Large 10.91-11.75"
ZGA-100XXL XX-Large 11.77-12.25"


To place an order, please call 800-466-7015, or fax order to 970-498-9529.