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The only prefabricated brace that offers up to 100% offloading of the foot and ankle

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About the Zero G Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

The Zero G ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is the only prefabricated foot and ankle brace to offer up to 100 percent unweighting of the foot, completely relieving plantar surface pressure from the foot and ankle. The Zero G is completely adjustable, and offers a stable structure, allowing weight to be carried by the calf and not the foot or ankle. With its unique design and fitting process, 100 percent unweighting can be achieved immediately during an office visit.

The Zero G is indicated for conditions that require relief of pressure from the foot, including Charcot foot (neuropathic joint disease), arthritis, Gout/Gouty arthritis, osteochondritis dissecans, spina bifida, foot drop and/or ankle instability, heel and/or foot ulcerations including diabetic foot ulcers, fractures of the lower tibia (ankle), talus (foot) or calcaneous (heel), and pre or post-surgical intervention or crushing injuries of the mid or hind foot.

The Zero G is manufactured, distributed and sold worldwide exclusively by Certified Orthopedics, Inc. (www.certifiedortho.com), the nationwide network of independent medical sales representatives. To order the Zero G, please call Certified Orthopedics at 800-466-7015.

Medicare and other insurances may cover the cost of the Zero G AFO for certain conditions and diagnoses. Such indications may require supplementary documentation to be eligible for coverage, if those indications are associated with an underlying condition. For example, foot ulcers typically have underlying musculoskeletal foot deformities or other conditions such as arthopathy, Charcot foot, osteomyelitis, joint instability, arthritis and diabetes that cause the foot ulceration. The Zero G AFO may be reimbursed through Medicare or another insurance provider when one of these underlying conditions is noted as the primary diagnosis.

Please note that numerous conditions beyond foot ulcerations associated with various underlying conditions may qualify for insurance coverage of the Zero G AFO. Each insurance plan is unique, so please contact your insurance provider for more information about your health insurance plan as it relates to coverage of the Zero G AFO. You may also contact your health provider for assistance or further information on your condition and case.